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2: Pick your flowers

1: Introduction

Create your personalised blend: 

Creating a personal blend to aide in your

This is an intuitive process.
Let your body be your guide.

You can choose up to five wildflower essences in one blend by clicking on the appropriate wild flower.

Choosing the wild flowers for your personal blend

Two suggestions:

  1. Study the flowers, letting the images sink-in – monitor your body's response to each flower.
  2. With a soft focus scan all the flowers - see if you stop at or are drawn to a certain flower.

Asking a question:

  1. To get the best results relax and focus on bringing yourself into the present moment.
  2. Focus on the reason why you wish to create a personal blend. Know yourself!
  3. Do not choose your favorite flower or color or the one you think you should choose.
  4. Trust your intuition, trust the body, it knows what it wants.


Keep your intuitive process seamless.

Avoid trying to find out your answer too soon.

Keep your focus until you are sure that you are done.

Once you have completed your selection proceed to the wildflower explanations.

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