wild flower essences
  • Sweet Dreams blended flower essence

    sweet dreams


    For children and adults alike, to soften nightmares, dispel fears and can help restore healthy sleep patterns. Stock Strength.

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  • Electro Guard blended flower essence

    Electro Guard


    When you feel sensitive to the exposure of Wifi, mobiles phones, electrical devices and electro pollution.

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  • Kind Heart blended flower essence

    Kind Heart


    For those times when you need a little help to be kinder to yourself or others.

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  • Brave Heart blended flower essence

    Brave Heart


    When you are facing challenges and fearing change in your life. Can also offer support through relationship issues.

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  • Lighten Up blended flower essence

    Lighten Up


    For those times when life seems burdensome or when we are getting all too serious.

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  • Clear Boundaries blended flower essence

    Clear Boundaries


    When you feel you are in conflict with people or are sensitive to negative environments. Offers a psychic shield

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  • Clear Communications blended flower essence

    Clear Communications


    Encourages us to look inwardly to find our true feelings and communicate with others.

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  • Energy 1st Aid blended flower essence

    Energy 1st Aid


    For your aura or energy body when you feel fatigued or drained by emotional stress.

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  • SOS blended flower essence



    When you find yourself in traumatic and stressful situations.

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  • Safe & Secure blended flower essence

    Safe & Secure


    To help you feel that you are safe, nurtured and secure in the world in which you live.

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