wild flower essences


How do I store my essences?

Avoid direct sun light. If you are travelling abroad we recommend you surround your essences in tin foil to best avoid the effects of x-rays and radiation.

How do use my blended Wildflower essence?

Traditionally flower essences are taken directly under the tongue.

Alternative options:
Rubbed into the skin
Added to spring water or juice
Added into your bath-water (do not add foam bath as well)
Added to essential oil burners or sprays.

It is your exposure to the wild flower essences that is the most important aspect of their healing. You cannot overdose with flower essences, if the body does not require the essences they will not be taken up by the body. Wildflower essences are not homeopathy and as such are not sensitive when taken around food or drink.

Can children and animals take Wildflower essences?

Wild flower essences are perfectly safe to use with children and animals.

As they are preserved in brandy you may feel it is not appropriate to orally give them to children.

You can place the required drops to both the inner wrists pulse points, centre of the forehead and the crown of the head. You can also place drops in water, juice or milk.

Children can be highly intuitive and the Wildflower oracle cards can help them give voice to feelings.

When treating animals with wild flower essences place one – four drops in a separate water bowl or bucket alongside their existing water. This allows the animal to be self-selecting of the flower essences they require.

Fresh water should be used each day so consistency of the essences is the same and not doubling up from previous dosages.

What are the dosages for childen and animals?

If you are able to obtain direct bio-feedback use this information, if not use the general dosage guidelines. Three drops of each wild flower essence, taken three times a day - morning, noon and night for 10 days.

When working with animals, specifically horses we have found that more than three essences can be required. This is perfectly safe as animals work on different energetic levels to humans.

Important: Children and animals can work more efficiently when using flower essences than adults. Do not force children or animals to complete the duration of the treatment if they show a consistent resistance.

How long will it take to work?

Some people can be more sensitive to essences than others. For some the benefits will be immediate for others it will take time.

It is important to finish the course of treatment even though you may feel it has already worked. It is at this point you may start to lose focus and forget to take the wild flower essences. Then, more than ever, your body will require the flower essences – so stay with it. If you do not perceive any benefits – try and complete the course of treatment anyway.

What if I forget to take my Wildflower essences?

If you forget to take the flower essences for a few days, just add these days onto the original duration. If you forget to take the required drops do not add them to your next dosage i.e. if taking two drops in the morning and three drops in the evening and you missed your morning drops do not add them together and take five drops all at one time. Simply carry on with the course of treatment.

If at any stage you wish to take the wild flower essences more often than the originally stated time then this is fine - to be encouraged. The original duration stated is the minimum requirement.

What if it seems to be getting worse not better?

Sometimes things can feel worse before they get better. This is called a ‘healing crisis’ and can be described as a crossroads where real healing begins. You should continue with this process and trust Nature’s ability to help you through the Wildflower essence blend you have made. Nature wants to be part of your healing process and the flower essences chosen by the flower oracle can be the best combination for you. If you feel you’re not moving forward or stuck you may need to re-assess your blend of flower essences.

You may be required to work more deeply with the same wild flower essences or to create a different personlised blend that is more appropriate for your needs . If you require support from the wild flower essences then use our personlised blending tool

What if the symptoms come back?

There are three important questions to consider:

How old is the symptom?
This refers to how long have we held on to a certain symptom or pattern of behaviour.
Some people may require a longer exposure of flower essences to find true change.
It is the exposure of the wild flower essence that can help our energetic bodies re-pattern.

Has a more primary insight been revealed?
This is the journey of healing that can help us to know our selves.
Has the cause or the pathology of the pattern been clearly revealed?
Wildflower essences can lead you to something, not take you away.

How well can we process healing?
This means, how well we can embrace our fractured soul?
How gentle are we with ourselves, can we forgive, can we be compassionate?
Some people are more equipped to process these attributes than others, and therefore heal faster.

Wildflower essences have been developed to help us learn how to embrace the fractured soul and to remind us that we are not alone on our journey of healing.